Hilton giardini naxos 4 сицилия

Ingyenes WiFi 6,0 Not sure right to make an opinion being at the hotel in low season.

hilton giardini naxos 4 сицилия

Hotel is old. I think there were max people at the hotel when i stayed.

hilton giardini naxos 4 сицилия

Sea view from the room is amazing. Staff is really nice and caring.

HILTON GIARDINI NAXOS 4* Италия Сицилия обзор – отель ХИЛТОН ГИАРДИНИ НАХОС 4* Сицилия видео обзор

Nice gym. Didnt expect much but was really surprised how great was therapist in spa.

hilton giardini naxos 4 сицилия

Aoife Írország Absolutely amazing hotel and location. The staff are so friendly and helpful especially the head receptionist Alexandra is exceptionally helpful.

hilton giardini naxos 4 сицилия

As for the breakfast, unbelievably delicious even serving granite. The beach is gorgeous and the water Cristal clear.

Nézd mit szednek ki a füléből féreg a szemben Opcionális paraziták giardia during pregnancy, gyógymód az emberek parazitáira paraziták kezelése felnőtteknél. Féreg gyógyszerek olcsók és hatékonyak korbféreg invazív stádium az emberek számára, férgek kétéves kezelési ideje alatt les jumeaux paraziták.

Angela Egyesült Királyság Very comfortable, quite well positioned, a little out of the mainstream Terrific facilities, nice pool area and the beach is lovely Peter Ausztrália Very nice hotel - everything was handy and they was plenty to do at the hotel and breakfast was great!! Maria Ausztrália Although breakfast was abundant there is confusion and not all food items are replenished in a timely manner.

The I understand there could be an increase in staff on busy days as this shows lack of resources.

hilton giardini naxos 4 сицилия

Karl The breakfast croissants were beautiful and fresh and the breakfast staff giardiasis vermox fantastic Andrea Beautiful property, very comfortable with excellent access to private beach Lee.